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Black Marbled Tote Bag

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Beautiful upcycled black marbled denim tote bag made from dark marbled denim, dark blue fabric interior linings, black leather band at the bottom and dark marbled denim tassel. This bag is perfect for a casual evening or take it to work and show off your new upcycled bag with pride. 

In the United States, the average person throws away 82 pounds of textiles a year. By buying items made from recycled materials, you give previously loved items a second life and keep re-usable fabric from ending up in landfills.

Since everything is hand made from recycled/upcycled fabrics, there is only one of each kind and that's what makes this black marbled tote bag unique.

Each denim takes about 800 gallons of water to make. By purchasing a bag from Upcykl you are helping conserve water by promoting fabric and denim reuse. Please support our cause to recycle denims and preventing them from ending up in the landfills.

Height: 13.5 inches
Width: 14.5 inches
Width at base: 2.75 Inches
Strap Length: 36 Inches

100% recycled cotton print fabric. Machine washable.